Info: Testimonials

I have used images from The Farm, The Zoo and Minibeasts with my special needs class to create a wide variety of materials including Big Books. The children helped choose the pictures and acting as scribe, we wrote the text on an interactive whiteboard. I have also printed a selection of images on cards which can be used in simple memory games or fun activities like snap.

Mrs M. Roche

Searching for appropriate images on the web has always been very time consuming. Having access to so many great images from Images For Education not only saves so much time but also gives the children in my class the freedom to create materials which look so professional. Groups of children in my class have collaborated on Powerpoint Presentations about the Rainforest and used suitable images to illustrate their work. Viking Images have also been used by other pupils in our school to illustrate a Newspaper front page about a Viking Raid. The photo CDs we have bought will be a valuable resource for years to come.

Mr T. Watters